Own server Room

We operate our own server farm at the top level with the backbone network for our demanding hosting requirements.


  • We run our own server-farm of 100 sqm in Prague.
  • It is connected to a high-speed optical network and backed up by wireless network.
  • 3 separate electricity conduits and a two-level diesel-aggregate backup system.
  • Air-conditioned with stable temperature.
  • Multi-level security:
    • Located in a building with non-stop security service
    • Entry allowed to our personnel only
    • Constantly monitored by an electronic security system, fire-protection system, and flood-protection system
    • Constantly monitored by security cameras with recording system.

 Our Services

  • customer computer stalls,
  • computers rentals to customers,
  • virtual computers rentals,
  • webhosting,
  • email hosting,
  • ftp hosting.